Stories of Healing

Shiva – Back Pain

As a teacher, the standing and bending at work caused Shiva significant back pain.

Darlene – Spinal Fracture

One accidental fall resulted in 2 spinal fractures for Darlene. Within 3 weeks she was off all pain meds.

David – Back Pain at Work

Many hours behind a desk resulted in severe back, neck and shoulder pain for David.

Anita – Falling

At 74 years of age, Anita was falling frequently, even though she was training for a half marathon.

Tom – Shoulder Pain

Tom suffered from shoulder pain and balance impairments, which effected his tennis game at 83.

Martina – Shoulder Pain

As a professional stylist, Martina’s work created unique stresses on her neck and shoulders.

Milt – Balance

As a successful owner of a dry cleaning company, Milt was concerned about falling from his back pain.

Robert – Driving Fatigue/Pain

Over 10 hours a day driving in his car for work Robert suffered from neck and back pain daily.

John – Neck Pain

As a professional photographer, John suffered neck and shoulder pain from hours at his computer.

Marci – Energy

Daily back pain kept Marci from keeping up with her busy young family.

May – Strength

Spending 5 hours at a computer each day May suffered from neck and back pain.

Kevin – Balance

An injury to his back left Kevin with years of pain which limited his activities.

Anita – Falling

Anita was preparing for a half-marathon at the age of 74; but falling frequently.

Bonnie – Mobility

Balance problems and shoulder pain prevented Bonnie from living her active independent life.


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