How to Reduce Stress in Your Body

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Apr 062017

We all have stress in our lives. Whether it comes from work, family or the challenges of life, stress not only effects the well-being of our mind, but the well-being of our body. How many times have you put off taking a walk, or participated in any exercise because you feel drained from the effects of stress in your life? You just don’t have the energy. This in turn has a domino effect in that lack of exercise increases your weight, decreases your muscle tone and sets you up for a multitude of health risks including high blood pressure, joint pain and a host of other medical problems you did not envision for your life, including depression.

Stress begins emotionally and then becomes physiological as it makes us fatigued and lethargic mainly because of its effect on one simple act of everyday life. The act of breathing. When you are stressed, or even when you are concentrating hard on something, you subconsciously become a shallow breather. As a shallow breather you do not fill up your entire lung capacity, but rather only the top portion of the lungs. This type of breathing promotes anxiety and tires out the brain and body due to lack of optimum oxygen exchange. Mental and physical fatigue are created by this poor exchange and also compromise your immune system, making you more susceptible to illness. And if your oxygen exchange is compromised your brain has trouble with focus and memory.

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This is why I developed the Balloon Therapy method, to help you improve this exchange, reducing stress and providing your brain and body with the most vital food it needs, oxygen. Balloon Therapy can be used anywhere, at any time. It centers your mind immediately as you focus on the physiological changes that come from breathing deeply.

So, you might ask “why do I need a balloon? Why can’t I just breathe deeply?”. Because the act of breathing into a balloon creates negative pressure by the resistance inside the balloon. This negative pressure inflates the lower part of your lung in the distal aveoli and forces out the ‘dead air’ in your lungs. While deep breathing is a good habit, it cannot guarantee that this dead space is fully inflated because there is no resistance.

Balloon Therapy is a quick and simple way to relieve stress, calm your nerves and help your brain function at a more optimum level. Begin by picking up a bag of 12″ balloons. I suggest that you keep a balloon out where you can see it and use it regularly. You will be amazed at the effects. Just click this link and watch the 2-minute instructional video about what type of balloon to use and how to best perform the 3 steps in Balloon Therapy. I guarantee you will be better equipped to handle stress the next time it comes along.