A Pain in the Wrists? Therapist Inventor Solves the Problem

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Oct 142016


It is my pleasure to introduce you to my friend and colleague, Paula Wilbert, a practicing Occupational Therapist for over 20 years. What makes Paula exceptional is that she designed a fabulous product that solves a real problem for those of us who love to workout and keep fit, but don’t like the discomfort or pain in our wrists that comes with bearing our body weight on our hands.

If you want to keep your triceps and biceps shapely; participate in yoga or Pilates you must be able to support your body weight on your hands to get full benefit from the exercises. But this means “cranking your wrists” to an extreme angle which can lead to pain, injury or promote arthritis. Paula designed her Wrist Assured Gloves (WAGs) ergonomically with a patented, supportive gel pad inside that puts the wrist and hand at the optimal angle to lessen the stress and avoid such trauma.

The gloves are comfortable, fashionable and come in different styles and sizes. Slip on a pair and feel the difference they make in your workout! WAGS also come with a 30-day money back guarantee.


Read Paula’s full story and see why WAGs make sense for you in your workout. AND you get a special 15% discount off WAGS with the code PT4U.