Sitting is the New Smoking

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Jan 272016

zPIC Older man sitting

Everyday, you do the one seemingly innocent thing that is hazardous to your health and creates weakness in your body more than anything else… SITTING. You sit at your desk, in your car, on your sofa watching tv, in a movie for 2-3 hours: lots of time in your life is spent sitting. And you are sitting on the very muscle that you need for a strong back and posture. Sitting has become epidemic today especially with the heavy use of computers and long commutes in cars. Such a problem that it is now nearly as dangerous to your health as smoking; making Sitting the New Smoking.

Shocking but true…sitting is linked to increased risk for heart disease, high blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes and even certain types of cancers in the colon and breast; not to even mention its degenerating effect on your bones, muscles and brain function.

But the good news because there is something you can do to affect the health of your body; its all about learning the unique daily positional techniques from Practical Therapy4U to activate and strengthen your Muscle of Balance for Life.
Enjoy this article from the Washington Post providing the evidence that “Sitting is the New Smoking”, then order your Muscle of Balance dvd or download today and begin preventing these debilitating effects of sitting.